Almost all sports are ruled by a particular player or team for a brief period. Football was ruled by Brazil for a long time, cricket by the West Indies, golf by Tiger Woods, squash by Jansher Khan of Pakistan, etc.

All these players or teams not only represent themselves but also their countries. In the same stance, tennis has been ruled by the greatest tennis players from one nation for a long time. By and large, players from the United States have been successful in winning the most tennis Grand Slam titles.

The Australian Open for males has also been ruled by the American players so far. The United States of America has always produced the best tennis players of all time. They have dominated all the courts including the Australian Open, hence winning the leading number of titles.

In the past decade and more, Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player however has been able to win the Australian Open titles. Most of the Australian Grand Slam titles have been won by Americans up to now.

Including the United States, here is a list of the top ten countries that won the most male Australian Open titles:

1) United States (15 titles)

2) Australia (7 titles)

3) Sweden (6 titles)

4) Switzerland (4 titles)

5) Czech (3 titles)

6) Argentina (2 titles)

7) Germany (2 titles)

8) Russia (2 titles)

9) Serbia (1 title)

10) Spain (1 title)

The top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open titles clearly indicate that the United States and Australia have been dominating this Grand Slam for ages. And now we see a difference in trend as Nadal and Djokovic are the new emerging players, claiming the Australian Open titles.

Greatest female tennis player Margaret Smith Court has ruled the female Australian Open world, winning 11 titles for her native country, Australia. Even then, the United States of America is leading the title run of female Australian Open titles.

One strange fact about this Grand Slam is that famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova of the USA, who was known to rule the tennis world, won only 3 titles in the Australian Open.

However, many tennis players from the USA have been able to make names for them in the Australian Open event. The present winner of the Australian Open women’s title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles tournament in the Australian Open 2010, hence making America’s rule inevitable.

Here is the list of the top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open titles:

1) United States (15 titles)

2) Australia (10 titles)

3) Germany (4 titles)

4) Yugoslavia (3 titles)

5) Czech (2 titles)

6) Switzerland (3 titles)

7) Russia (1 title)

8) Belgium (1 title)

9) Britain (1 title)

10) France (2 titles)

Famous female tennis player Serena Williams of the USA is in her full swing and performance which indicates bright chances of America ruling the female Australian Open title for many years to come.

William sisters have shown tremendous potential at the hard court and have owned the Australian Open with their exclusive play. America is known for producing the best of tennis players.

Every era had a leading American tennis player which now includes Serena and Venus Williams. Although Serena is having a rough time with her fitness and injuries she is still managing to be extremely competitive and challenging the opponents with her aggressive play.

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