Famous female players in tennis enjoy an equal footing with their male counterparts. Right from the beginning, female tennis players in tennis were doing quite well and had achieved great feats in the tennis world.

Women have been actively engaged in the tennis game for a long time now and have held great power positions like the male players. Female tennis players enjoy great popularity and status. Some greatest female players in tennis have attained great heights through their unbeatable style and impeccable control over the game.

Some of the most prominent and best female tennis players in the field of tennis are given in the list below. Some of the top women players are from the US and Russia.

The list comprises some of the top ten women players who have contributed to the growth of tennis to a great deal. These famous female tennis players are considered as the all-time champions in the tennis arena and are looked upon as wonder women with great talent.

  1. Margaret Court
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Chris Evert
  4. Martina Navrátilová
  5. Serena Williams
  6. Billie Jean King
  7. Monica Seles
  8. Justine Henin
  9. Evonne Goolagong Cawley
  10. Venus Williams

Even today, they are looked upon as a great source of inspiration by the female tennis aspirants. These are the top ten lists of greatest female tennis players who have achieved an impossibly greater triumph over many challenges and stood out best in their capacity.

The top ten rankings are based on their popularity, commitment towards the game, unbeatable spirit, and unbreakable focus in the game. The players have been doing a great job in all categories and have created a style of their own.

The way these famous female tennis players have played and the great achievements made by them to attain the position is an enormous inspiration to the future aspirants of tennis.

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