French open is a well-known tennis tournament that makes use of the clay-court as its playing field. It requires a diverse set of skills to play tennis on a clay court as the ball is slowed down to a great extent.

Clay court tennis games bear with it an entirely new experience of tennis. Clay court tennis takes the players to an entirely different dimension of the game plan. Tennis is played on different types of courts.

Each court carries with itself a completely different dimension of the game. The pace, movements, controls, and strategies differ for each court and the tennis player must mold himself to take up the challenge in different courts.

A seasoned player will certainly be aware of the distinction of each court. As far as clay courts are concerned, it is a tough ground to attain triumph. Clay courts are generally made of hard and rough substances like brick, shale, and stone. Even the change in the color of the clay will point to a different form in the court. The red clay is allegedly slower than the green one.

Given below is the elite list of the top ten greatest female tennis players who have added pride to their origin and the tennis game as well by bringing out some of the evergreen shows of all time.

  1. Chris Evert
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Suzanne Lenglen
  4. Margaret Court
  5. Françoise Masson
  6. Kate Gillou
  7. Justine Henin
  8. Jeanne Matthey
  9. Helen Wills
  10. Monica Seles

Clay court tennis requires the player to possess a great amount of strength and tempo to make a spot in the clay-court tennis field. Of course, the above top ten famous female tennis players have easily achieved this feat with their astonishing performances. The title of top ten champions does not come that simple and needs a lot of insight and adroitness to get it.

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