Grass court playing is absolutely a diverse experience and varies to a large extent from other courts. Grass court games in tennis are one of the most renowned rounds of games that need an additional edge and ability to handle the difficult surfaces of the grass court.

Speed and control over the ball are the two winning dots in grass-court tennis. The ground is very dicey compared to other courts. The ball skips and bounces low and brings down the bouncing capacity of the ball. This makes it difficult for the players to have good control over the ball and of course, the game.

Grass court games need the extra edge and dexterity on the side of the players. Wimbledon Championship, Ordina Open Championship, Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championship, and the AEGON Championship are some of the professional tournaments played on the grass court surface.

Though we can see the entry of many fresh contestants to the championship place every year, these ten famous female tennis players are considered as all-time champions when it comes to grass-court tennis.

The greatest female tennis players listed below have managed to make it great in the grass-court game.

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Helen Wills Moody
  3. Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers
  4. Steffi Graf
  5. Blanche Bingley
  6. Billie Jean King
  7. Suzanne Lenglen
  8. Charlotte Cooper Sterry
  9. Lottie Dod
  10. Venus Williams

These are the top ten best female tennis players who have carved a spot for themselves in the world of Grass Court tennis. These top ten players truly possess total power and authority over the game. Grass Court players must have amazing speed and should be able to reach the ball quicker. These ten champs had incessantly won the title in the grass-court tennis category and have been the best in the grass-court games.

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