Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and the players are judged pretty much for their performance in this slam. Tennis fans use the results to predict the future for every tennis player in the calendar year.

Australian Open offers a very exciting start of the year with indoor beautiful courts. The crowd cheers for not only Australians but other players as well, making the Australian summer much more overwhelming for every tennis fan.

A three-set tennis game, particularly for women, has been offering plenty of excitement as the game is fast and ends usually in a victory after two sets. From clay’s slower-paced games to hardcourt play, famous female tennis players have been casting spells with their magical play.

The former female champion of the Australian Open title is Serena Williams, who won the doubles championship with her sister Venus Williams in the same year for the second consecutive year as well.

With the Bryan brothers and Williams sisters winning the doubles for the second consecutive year, they were the second siblings to set this record.

The list of the ten female tennis players with the most Australian Open titles is:

1) Margaret Smith Court

2) Nancye Wynne Bolton

3) Steffi Graf

4) Evonne Goolagong-Cawley

5) Thelma Coyne Long

6) Martina Hingis

7) Monica Seles

8) Serena Williams

9) Jennifer Capriati

10) Joan Hartigan Bathurst

Among these ten top ten female tennis players with the most Australian Open titles, the greatest tennis player Margaret Smith Court secured 7 Australian Open titles and still enjoys this record. Who could break this record?

Tennis speaks for glamor when it comes to female tennis players. In a singles match, two glamorous players keep everyone captivated. However, this glamor doubles when four famous female tennis players come onto the court with their amazing outfits and perform at their best.

The Australian Open has also been entertaining in female double tennis tournaments. For the past two years, USA tennis players Serena and Venus Williams have been dominating the female double tennis championship.

The top ten best female double tennis players with the most Australian Open titles list is:

1) Thelma Coyne Long/Nancye Wynne Bolton

2) Evonne Goolagong Cawley/Peggy Michel

3) Martina Navratilova/Pam Shriver

4) Martina Hingis/Natalia Zvereva

5) Serena Williams/Venus Williams

6) Gigi Fernandez/Natalia Zvereva

7) Mary Bevis Hawton/Thelma Coyne Long

8) Helen Gourlay Cawley/Evonne Goolagong Cawley

9) Martina Hingis/Anna Kournikova

10) Alona Bondarenko/Kateryna Bondarenko

The lma Coyne Long has been the dominating female player with no fewer than 12 double tennis titles. Since Thelma, such a consistent female player has not shown up in doubles.

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