Grass court tennis tournaments are the most interesting and at the same the challenging tennis games that require a lot of spirit and focus. The popularity of the grass-court games is spoken of even now. Earlier there were only two forms of tennis court surfaces.

The grass court is one of them. As time passed some more court surfaces came to be in reality. Before the advent of other courts, grass courts were the most prominent form of courts used for playing tennis tournaments. Almost all of the tennis tournaments were dependent on the grass-court surfaces.

The hard court surfaces then came into existence and added altogether a new arena to the world of tennis tournaments. The ball needs to be hit faster and with great force to make it go bouncing in a grass court field. These aspects make up for the kind of force and power-packed performance essential to win the game.

Winning a grass court game is a tough task. A Grass court brings down the ball’s bounce thus an extra amount of force required to get the ball to go high and bounce. It is difficult to get a single title in grass-court but a few women have strived hard to get a string of titles in the grass-court field.

These tennis players have molded themselves according to the grass-court conditions and have mastered them in course of time. Given below is the list of famous female tennis champions with the most titles in grass-court tennis.

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Helen Wills Moody
  3. Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers
  4. Steffi Graff
  5. Blanche Bingley
  6. Billie Jean King
  7. Suzanne Lenglen
  8. Charlotte Cooper Sterry
  9. Lottie Dod
  10. Venus Williams

These are the best female tennis players and are the trendsetters in grass-court tennis and have attracted everybody with their stunning feat in the grass courts.

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