Tara Dona Reid is a TV and film actress of United States of America, known for her roles in “American Pie”, “Alone in the Dark”, “Silent Partner” and “My Boss’s Daughter”.

She was born on 8th November, 1975 in New Jersey and started her movie career in 1987.

Career Highlights
Tara Reid started her career in 1987 appearing in the movie titled “A Return to Salem’s Lot”. In 1988, she appeared in a significant role in “The Big Lebowski”, which brought her in the limelight. After initial success she landed major roles in commercially hit movies titled “Urban Legend” and “Cruel Intentions”.

In 1999, she appeared in “American Pie”, which was a blockbuster movie of the year. In 2001, she landed leading role in the sequel of “American Pie”, which grossed 50% more business than the previous “American Pie” movie.

After two back to back commercially super hit movies to her credit, Tara Reid appeared in significant roles in movies like “Dr. T and the Women” co-starring Richard Gere, “My Boss’s Daughter” and “Alone in the Dark”.

She also appeared in many TV shows including the famous sitcom “Scrubs”
Tara Reid’s career is highlighted with so many commercially hit movies, starting from “The Big Lebowski” to “Cruel Intentions” and “Urban Legend” and from “American Pie” movies to “Dr. T and the Women”.

The major breakthrough in her career was her roles in two “American Pie” movies, which became her claim to fame. In 2005, her role in “Alone in the Dark” won her Golden Raspberry Award nomination along with Razzie Award nomination.

Top Ten Movies of Tara Reid:

⦁ The Big Lebowski
⦁ Urban Legend
⦁ Cruel Intentions
⦁ American Pie
⦁ American Pie 2
⦁ Dr. T & the Women
⦁ My Boss’s Daughter
⦁ Alone in the Dark
⦁ The Fields
⦁ American Reunion

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