Top Ten Half-century Scorers of England in Test Cricket  

The cricket team of England is one that proudly represents England and Wales. From January 1997, both these teams are administered by the England Cricket Board. England and Australia were the first two teams to have gained Test status. England currently has the best Test players. They are holding records of the fifties and centuries.

According to the recent statistics, they are the fourth-ranked team in the ICC rankings. England’s cricket team has won 319 Test matches, with the help of its players’ runs. They have been the contenders in three World Cup matches and the ICC Champions Trophy as well. The main power of England’s cricket team is its players who also can hit the fifties and break all the records.

The top 10 fifty-scorers of England in Test cricket are:

  • W.R. Hammond
  • M.C. Cowdrey
  • G. Boycott
  • K.F. Berrington
  • G.A. Gooch
  • L. Hutton
  • A.J. Strauss
  • M.P. Vaughan
  • D.I. Gower
  • K.P. Pietersen

Top Ten Half-century Scorers of England in ODI Cricket

Nowadays, England is one of the best teams in cricket. They are playing the One-day International very properly and for that, they are now on the better stage of this format of cricket. They have many professional and skilled players to make the necessary runs for the team as well as the fifties. England is a cricket team that has had a good status for a long time. Ever since the first England cricket team, they have produced many good cricket players. Here is a list of the top ODI players who have scored most of the fifties being in the England cricket squad.

These are the top ten players of the England cricket team for their record fifties:

  • M.E. Trescothick
  • G.A. Gooch
  • K.P. Pietersen
  • D.I. Gower
  • N.V. Knight
  • A.J. Strauss
  • G.A. Hick
  • P.D. Collingwood
  • D.L. Amiss
  • R.A. Smith

Top Ten Half-century Scorers of England in T20 Cricket  

T20 cricket is achieving worldwide popularity for its challenging features within the shortest period (only 20 overs per innings). It is a game of vast excitement and pleasure. Getting fifties in this game is quite difficult for the batsman but players are trying to make it facing fewer balls, so now many players are making fifties.

In England’s team, several players are having several fifties in T20 games but no centuries yet. They are looking for getting that onto their scores. There is a list of three recent players, who have a very good current average status in T20 cricket and possibly can get T20 (International) centuries very soon. The team is now on the good stage for the T20.

The top ten fifty-scorers of the England cricket team in T20 are:

  • K.P. Pietersen
  • P.D. Collingwood
  • E.J.G. Morgan
  • Andrew Strauss
  • Paul Collingwood
  • Ian Bell
  • Alastair Cook
  • Jos Buttler
  • Tim Bresnan
  • Matt Prior

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