The Australian Open is the first tournament of all the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The other tournaments in the grand slam include French Open Championship, Wimbledon Championship, and US Open Championship.

The game is held on a hard court in Melbourne Park. The Australian Open also has an indoor play like that of Wimbledon Championships. The Australian Open is played on a hard court surface. On hard courts, the bouncing is more than any other surface.

This will cause the raising of the ball to a great extent. The Australian Open needs some tact and knack while playing. The tennis players need to be fast and must be brilliant enough to predict the turn of the ball upon the various kinds of shots.

The Australian Open does not enjoy the network covering and broadcasting like all other Tennis tournaments. The Australian Open tennis tournament was excelled by famous male tennis players in tennis who proved to be great on all other courts like the hardcourt.

These few men have carved a niche for themselves through an ultimate focus and brilliant strategy. The below-mentioned list of top ten Men Champions in the Australian Open is magnificent players who have enthralled the audience with some of the most memorable Australian tournaments ever.

These men are known to be a trendsetter in the tennis arena and have earned titles and Championships in other tournaments as well.

1. Roy Emerson

2. Andre Agassi

3. Jack Crawford

4. Roger Federer

5. Ken Rosewall

6. James Anderson

7. Rod Laver

8. Adrian Quist

9. Mats Wilander

10. Boris Becker

Interestingly, most of these players are of Australian origin and have done well in all tournaments conducted in their homeland. These top ten men are a great source of inspiration for young people who wish to make it big in the tennis world.

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