Wimbledon is one tennis tournament that has got a large fan following throughout the world. It is not a surprising fact that the Champions of Wimbledon enjoy special attention among the tennis followers in comparison with all other tournaments in tennis.

Usually, Wimbledon tournament matches are played after the famous hard court game Australian Open Championship and the clay-court game French Open Championship tournaments are played. The Wimbledon culminates as the major tennis tournament played for the year.

Wimbledon tournament carries with itself the sophistication and the royal patronage. The ryegrass court is the ideal spot where the Wimbledon tournament takes place every year. Wimbledon is a chief game in tennis and looked up to by every single tennis fan. No wonder, the game has gleaned a lot of attention and popularity.

Wimbledon Championships are considered as the perfect win in the game of tennis and hence every single tennis player will strive to get it in their lifetime.

It is a dream for many tennis aspirants, but this dream has been achieved by few great men who top the list of the top ten champions and have proved to be masters in tennis by showcasing to the world some of the dazzling performances of all time.

These evergreen men have come to be known as the top ten performers of all time with their record performances that have swept the audience off their feet.

The top ten men in the Wimbledon Champions list are given below:

1. Pete Sampras

2. William Renshaw

3. Roger Federer

4. Björn Borg

5. Lawrence Doherty

6. Reginald Doherty

7. Rod Laver

8. Anthony Wilding

9. Wilfred Baddeley

10. Boris Becker

These men are the masters of the tennis world. Each has their style and control on the game and it is hard to miss the fantastic games these legends have played so far.

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