William “Bill “Paxton is an American director and an accomplished actor. Now 57 years old, Paxton was born on 17th May 1955 in Texas, United States of America. His father John Lane Paxton was also an occasional actor and a businessman by profession. Paxton gained worldwide popularity with his brilliant performance in movies like “Apollo 13”, “True Lies”, “Twister”, “Titanic” and “Aliens”.

Early life

Bill Paxton started his acting career in 1980s and appeared in a music video for the song “Shadows of The Night”. Bill Paxton achieved success early on in his acting career with superb performance in “Apollo 13”, which not only brought him in the limelight but earned him an array of roles in super hit movies. He appeared in a leading role in the movie titled “Twister”, which turned out to be a super hit movie.

Bill Paxton’s inherent ability to adapt to different roles earned him diverse roles, which he performed to perfection. As a director, he has a number of short films to his credit including “Fish Heads”, which was aired in 1980s. He also directed some feature films like “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, “Tattoo” and “Frailty”. In 2006, Bill Paxton appeared in a HBO Series titled “Big Love”, which was aired during 2006-2011.

Career Highlights

Bill Paxton earned worldwide recognition with movies like “Weird Science”, “Apollo 13”, “Aliens”, “Twister”, “True Lies” and “Near Dark”. He also appeared in James Cameron directed, epic love story “Titanic”. In 2003, he appeared in another successful movie titled “The ghosts of the abyss”.

Top Ten movies of Bill Paxton

  • Weird Science
  • Aliens
  • Predator 2
  • True Lies
  • Apollo 13
  • Titanic
  • Twister
  • Back to back
  • Brain dead
  • Edge of Tomorrow

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