He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana as Brendan James Fraser but he has not played the traditional Indiana Jones sort of characters. He is rather known for his comedic and fantasy film leading roles like George of the Jungle & Dudley Do-Right. Instead of using James as his second name, he opted for Fraser which is pronounced as “Fra-zer”. Brendan graduated from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts in 1990 and began acting at a small acting college in New York. He originally planned on attending graduate school in Texas but stopped in Hollywood to work in movies.

Career Highlights

Fraser’s first ever film role was a cameo in an America’s Most Wanted reenactment, playing a friend of Rodney Mark Peterson, a murder victim. He has since appeared in over 30 films but his breakthrough performance came as a lead role in the movie “Encino Man” in 1992. Fraser got into the top gear with his role in the hit comedy film “George of the Jungle” released in 1997. He went on to appear in several comedy films such as “Blast from the Past”, “Bedazzled” and “Monkeybone”. Fraser also played dramatic roles in “Gods and Monsters” and “The Quiet American”. His biggest commercial success came with the action adventure film “The Mummy” in 1999 and its sequel “The Mummy Returns” in 2001, both of which were hugely successful at the box office.

Fraser also serves on the Board of Directors for Film Aid International. Brendon Fraser mastered the comedic as well as dramatic roles proving his worth in both forms of acting.

His top rated movies are:

  • The Mummy
  • The Mummy Returns
  • Blast from the Past
  • George of the Jungle
  • School Ties
  • Encino Man
  • With Honors
  • Airheads
  • The Quiet American
  • Gods & Monsters

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