At this age, Clint Eastwood is still very much alive and well in the film scene today. He played the lead in “Grand Torino”. Of course, Clint does a bit more than just act. He also directs, produces and even composes.

Career Highlights

From his “Rawhide” days, when he played in the long-running television western (1958-1965) to the series of B-grade Westerns to the Dirty Harry and then costarring with an orangutan in a couple of box-office winters in 1978/1980, most of us “grew up” with Clint Eastwood. As he aged, his films took on more depth and dimension, allowing us to discover new facets to this multi-talented actor’s skills.

Age may be a biological fact Eastwood has to face, but he does it with the same calm deliberation of the Outlaw Josey Wales hunting down a bad guy. Clint Eastwood has taken home 4 Academy Awards (Oscars), 5 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Screen Actor’s Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, 5 People’s Choice Awards, including the one for Favourite All-Time Motion Picture Star. His nominations for major awards and the listing of other awards he has received would fill pages. He is truly a living Hollywood legend.

Though initially though too soft-spoken for his debut role in “Rawhide”, his macho stance and delivery pulled the coup off and he has used his husky voice to frighten villains, seduce leading ladies and even cajole animals. He has such a signature style of acting that it is hard to fault his performance.

He just plays his roles, “Clint Eastwood” style. Some thought he couldn’t pull off comedy. He did. Others said he couldn’t do drama. Wrong again. Now, they’re crying, “he’s too old”. I suppose the box office numbers for Grand Torino ought to shut them up, for now.

Top Ten Movies of Clint Eastwood:

  • Dirty Harry
  • Any Which Way But Loose
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Unforgiven
  • Play Misty For Me
  • Pale Rider
  • The Outlaw Josey Wales
  • Grand Torino
  • Two Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Mystic River

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