Born on 5th October of 1975, in Reading, Berkshire, UK, Kate Winslet has already assured herself of enduring fame as an actress.

With mega-movie roles in films like “Titanic” and “Sense and Sensibility”, plus an Oscar and BAFTA award win for best actress in the film, “the Reader”, her star has risen and shows no sign of dimming with time.

Career Highlights

Born into an acting family, she landed a spot in a television commercial when only twelve. Thirteen years later she would captivate the world by recounting the adventures of one of the few survivors of the doomed ship, “Titanic” in the epic film of the same name.

Since then she has had a string of hits and “almost hits” including her stellar performance in “the Reader”. If anything, Kate Winslet has been accused of working too hard. She is a consummate actress with a wide range of talents including an incredible voice.

In fact, she has had some success in music. In addition, her voice has been used in animated films. From romance to comedy to heavy drama, she has mastered every area of the craft.

Kate’s only obvious weakness has been the on-again/off-again issues regarding her weight. Unlike so many Hollywood beauties, Kate refuses to let “Tinseltown” dictate her caloric intake. She has had several scraps with the media including a lawsuit against a popular London tabloid.

She has a closet full of awards to keep her Oscar trophy from getting lonely. In the same year, 2008, she won a pair of Golden Globes. She also has two BAFTA awards and has earned six Academy Award nominations, Seven Golden Globe nominations and seven BAFTA nominations thus far in her career.

Top Ten Movies of Kate Winslet:

⦁ Sense & Sensibility
⦁ Jude
⦁ Heavenly Creatures
⦁ Titanic
⦁ Finding Neverland
⦁ Iris
⦁ The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
⦁ The Holiday
⦁ The Reader
⦁ Revolutionary Road

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