Rachel Anne McAdams was born on 17th November, 1978, in London, Ontario, Canada. Now, at the age of 41, she is one of the most sought after female leads in Hollywood.

Career Highlights

She got her first big part in 2004, in the film “Mean Girls”. Since then she has had a string of blockbuster hits, usually playing a romantic female lead, either dramatic or comedic.

She is refreshingly candid in about her views and opinions, opting out of a prestigious cover of the magazine, Vanity Fair, where she was to be featured with two other female stars after she discovered it was to be a nude shot.

Whether the ability to land great parts can be recognized, as a “strength” for an actress is debatable. What cannot be discounted is McAdams ability to do amazing things with the roles once she has them.

While we love her in the dramatic, romantic leads, it would be nice to see her venture out. Though she chose not to take a coveted role and become a “Bond girl” in the film “Casino Royale”, it would be fun to see her break out and do a real action/adventure film.

Even her success in the film, “Sherlock Holmes”, left us wondering if she might be able to pull of the femme fatale spy role. Perhaps, we shall see.

McAdams won the 2004 TV Movie Award for a Breakthrough Female Performance for her role in “Mean Girls”, as well as a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Female for that same film. She won the MTV Award for “Best Kiss” for her role in the “Notebook”, 2004 (obviously shared with Ryan Gosling).

Top Ten Movies of Rachel McAdams:

⦁ The Notebook
⦁ The Time Travelers Wife
⦁ Sherlock Holmes
⦁ The Wedding Crashers
⦁ The Lucky Ones
⦁ The Family Stone
⦁ State of Play
⦁ Red Eye
⦁ Mean Girls
⦁ The Lucky Ones

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