Rebecca Alie Romijn was born on 6th November, 1972 in Berkeley, California (USA). She began her modeling career in 1991, but gave up modeling to be a full-time actress in television and film since 1997.

Career Highlights

In spite of major success as a model, she opted to concentrate of acting. She landed her first big role in the film version, based upon the animated series, “The X-Men”, playing the part of Mystique.

The film was a huge hit and Romijn returned to play the part again in the two “X-Men” sequels. After a few more films of lesser status, Romijn turned to the small screen. She had some television success with shows like “Ugly Betty”, “Carpoolers” and “Eastwick”.

Romijn is one of those actresses that clearly got their parts in films because of their looks, and not necessarily for any talent they possessed. She did achieve some minor critical acclaim for her work in the third “X-Men” film where she had to play her character as helpless and brunette.

Still, that doesn’t mean she can act. Her subsequent film roles are based, as were previous castings, on her looks. It remains to be seen if any producer or director will offer her a truly challenging role so we can see, for ourselves, if Romijn is really an actress or simply a former fashion model that acts.

Rebecca Romijn won Best Supporting Actress Awards from both Blockbuster and Saturn for her performance in the first “X-Men” film in 2000.

Top Ten Movies of Rebecca Romijn:

⦁ X-Men
⦁ X2: X-Men United
⦁ X-Men: The Last Stand
⦁ Femme Fatale
⦁ Rollerball
⦁ The Punisher
⦁ Godsend
⦁ Man About Town
⦁ The Alibi
⦁ Lake City

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