Jami Berth Gertz is an American Actress, known for her ravishing looks and versatile acting talent. She was born on 28th October, 1965 in Illinois, United States of America. She is known for her roles in “Sixteen Candles” and “Crossroads”.

Career Highlights

Jami Hertz started her professional acting career in 1981, appearing in a romance movie titled “Endless Love”, which earned him a role in a TV series titled “Square Pegs” in 1982-83.

In 1984, Jami Gertz earned a role in a box office hit movie titled “Sixteen Candles”, which provided a much needed boost to her career. In 1987, she earned a major role in “Less than Zero”, which earned her worldwide fame and critical acclaim.

In the same year, she appeared in a vampire role in the movie “The Lost Boys” to establish her credentials as a versatile actress. In 1980s, she appeared in a number of movies, playing various roles, the movies include “Alphabet City”, “Dreams” in 1984, “Mischief” in 1985, “Quciksilver”, “Crossraods” and “Solarbabies” in 1986.

Alongside appearing in movies, Jami Hertz also appeared in a number of TV roles including “For Members Only” in 1983, “Dreams” in 1984,” Dream On” in 1994-95 and “Entourage” aired in 2009-2010.

Jami Hertz gained fame and appreciation with her maiden role in the movie “Endless Love” and as a result she landed in a number of significant roles in successful movies of the 1980s.

In 1984’s, “Sixteen Candles” Jami Hertz’s performance was crucial to the success of film and she didn’t let her producer down and performed her role to perfection to earn critical acclaim.

Top Ten Movies of Jami Gertz:
⦁ Endless Love
⦁ Sixteen Candles
⦁ Dreams
⦁ Crossroads
⦁ Quicksilver
⦁ The Lost Boys
⦁ Less Than Zero
⦁ Sibling Rivalry
⦁ Twister
⦁ Seven Girlfriends

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