It has been observed that Irani cinema has reached global fame and movies of Irani cinema are viewed in different countries. It has been estimated that since the year 1970 the Irani cinema has under gone some variations and the cinema industry has moved to producing more high quality movies.

It has been observed that between the years 1979-1985 almost around 100 movies projects were made. Also with the increase in film making in Irani cinema many talented actors and actresses have been seen on the screen.

Also new film makers are entering the Irani film industry. Irani cinema now has a global following even though it has gone through many ups and downs. Most of the films are usually in Persian language. Irani cinema is recognized as one of the most important artistic cinemas of the world.

Features of the best movies of Irani cinema

The best movies of Irani cinema consist of strong story line. Also the acting skills of the actors and actresses are superb and they reflect professionalism. During varying times, Irani cinema has given many movies for entertaining the audience.

Some movies on the basis of public appreciation have been classified as the top movies of the Irani film industry. The international film festivals which are conducted also regard the Irani movies and they make them to be viewed internationally.

Top ten popular movies of Irani cinema

The best movies of Irani cinema are:

  1. Asrar ganj dareheye jenni
  2. Leily Ba Man Ast
  3. Pomegranate and Cane
  4. Under the City’s Skin
  5. A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral
  6. The Wind Will Carry Us
  7. A Cube of Sugar
  8. The Morning of the Fourth Day
  9. The Brick and the Mirror
  10. Through the Olive Trees

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