Top Ten Test All-rounders of the Indian Cricket Team 

The test format has always been a tough challenge for batsmen and bowlers alike but in this format, the all-rounders have always strived forward and provided their team with a winning edge, same is the case throughout Indian cricket history which has produced all-rounders of remarkable talent.

These privileged players have always exceeded expectations and made their country proud; it is mostly because of their hard work that the Indian national team is considered as one of the best test sides in the world even now.

The prestigious hall of fame starts with the” Harayana hurricane “Kapil dev who took over 400 wickets and scored over 5000 runs in his time, following him is MH Mankad who played just 44 tests for India but took 162 wickets and scored over 2100 runs.

Another test all-rounder legend in The Indian cricket team is Ravi Shastri who played 80 tests for India scoring 3830 runs and taking over 151 wickets. All-rounders of these calibers have hence made India a dominating test side and therefore been celebrated as the best test all-rounders in Indian cricket.

The top ten all-rounders of India in test cricket are:

■ Kapil Dev.

■ MH Mankad

■ Ravi Shastri

■ Manoj Prabhakar

■ Sachin Tendulkar

■ S. Ganguly

■ V Sehwag

■ Irfan Pathan

■ Harbajan Singh

■ Yousaf Pathan

Top Ten ODI All-rounders of the Indian Cricket Team 

Over the past few years, Indian cricket is being blessed with the presence of extremely talented all-rounders, who have helped Indian cricket to touch the high limits and get known for their good gameplay.

Kapil Dev, worthy of praise for the world cup victory in 1993 is the number one all-rounder of India in one-day internationals because of his reliable captaincy, match-winning performances, and consistency. His ODI statistics show that he has scored 3783 runs and has taken 253 wickets.

Sachin Tendulkar, the record-breaker, is in the second position for his commendable batting; ability to set as the situation demanded, and mind-blowing spin bowling. He has scored more than 17500 runs and has taken 154 wickets in ODIs.

Saurav Ganguly, the scorer of more than 11300 runs and a bowler with 100 ODI wickets, ranks number third for his ability to degrade opposition, graceful stroke play, and quality to take wickets on the pitch when The Indian team needed them the most. These players deserve to be in the top ten.

The top ten all-rounders of India in ODI are:

■ K. Dev

■ S. Tendulkar

■ S. Ganguly

■ R. Shastri

■ V. Sehwag

■ M. Prabhakar

■ I. Pathan

■ H. Singh

■ Y. Pathan

■ R. Jadeja

Top T20 All-rounders of the Indian Cricket Team 

The t20 format of cricket is an area that demands attacking cricket with sensible strategy, both being qualities that are found in all-rounders. In India where cricket is closely followed, the presence of talented all-rounders has contributed to the dominating play of t20 cricket that India plays and is the sole reason that they were able to clinch the 2007 t20 world cup in South Africa.

The best all-rounder in the Indian squad is Irfan Pathan who has scored over 133 runs and taken 16 wickets. Another all-rounder Virender Sehwag also has a remarkable t20 career scoring over 300 runs in just 14 matches and bowling with a very decent economy rate of 0.02. India’s talisman Harbajan Singh has also won matches for them taking 16 wickets and scoring 88 runs with the bat.

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