Top Ten Test Cricket Bowlers of England

Cricket Bowlers of England has been lucky enough to have consistent players in the team throughout its history. This has helped as a morale-booster. The presence of good players attracts good recruits. Thus, the cycle continues. Bowling in Test matches requires the player to be tough and strong since the match lasts five days.

The player should be able to sustain until the end. England has had such players for all the Test matches they have played for years. The bowlers are a fighting side that doesn’t give up easily. They fight until the very end of every match. This is important for any team. The leading batsman and bowler of the team England in Test cricket was Sir Ian Botham.

He was the greatest personality of his time and it was due to him that his team was noticed. He was the perfect all-rounder and dominating. At the same time, he was magical on the field. Irrespective of his performance declining, he was intimidating enough for his colleagues. England had a few very good players such as Matthew Hoggard.

He was the perfect bowler who a coach would vouch for as far as his energy was concerned. He could shape the ball with pace and concentration. England has had players like James Anderson as well who again have created records of not being dismissed at a duck.

The top ten bowlers of England in Test cricket are:

  • SP Jones
  • DW Headley
  • D Gough
  • RGD Willis
  • MJ Hoggard
  • IT Botham
  • JM Anderson
  • GP Swann
  • AR Caddick
  • DG Cork

Top Ten ODI Bowlers of England

England has more experience in the traditional Test matches since Test matches have existed longer, but they have also played a lot of One-day Internationals. Strike rate, the ratio of runs given, and the wickets taken by the bowlers, distinguishes the quality of bowling. England has managed to maintain a good strike rate, proving the kind of bowlers they possess.

SCJ Broad stands first in their list of good bowlers with a great strike rate. He supports the team at all times and does not succumb to pressure. Darren Gough has been the highest wicket-taker for the team England in One-day Internationals. A very inspirational and attacking player, he has been the player with the best strike rate after Ian Botham and Bob Willis.

The best way to master the bowling techniques was to always treat the match as a learning process and experiment with it. One-day Internationals were always very crucial for bowlers as they have to get the technique right at every stage in the game. One-day Internationals require the players to be at full speed and energy. They had one such man in Andrew Flintoff, who was strong and could pace the bowl at an unbelievable speed. England has had many more such all-rounders who have always helped the team in creating records.

The top ten bowlers of England in ODI are:

  • SCJ Broad
  • A Flintoff
  • D Gough
  • C White
  • JM Anderson
  • SJ Harmison
  • CC Lewis
  • GR Dilley
  • AR Caddick
  • AD Mullally

Top Ten T20 Bowlers of England

With the introduction of the new and young players in the T20 format, England has been doing well. They are young and vibrant and have been managing well as a team. With continuing hard work from their side, this team will go places. No doubt, practice is required in every format of cricket, but T20 requires solid tactics as well. The bowlers can’t afford to make any errors in such a short game.

Even a small error will be clear, and a lost match could be entirely blamed on a single wrong ball. Thus far, England has had luck in acquiring excellent players. England won the 2010 T20 world cup which was an achievement in itself. This in itself speaks highly of its players.

Bowling has always been known to be the most important aspect of this game, as a bad bowler can ruin the entire match. A lot of planning goes into this format as the captain is supposed to be sure of which bowler has to be sent when, as this is of utmost importance in the match.

The fact, that England has had a range of players from swing-bowlers to spinners and fast-bowlers, has helped them the most as they are now capable of facing every kind of a batsman. Stuart Broad has been their highest wicket-taking player to date.

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