Tourist attractions in Swat valley

Swat valley is located a 160 km away from the capital of Pakistan. Its capital is Saidu Shareef. The valley is very popular for its natural beauty and it is known as ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’.

The present condition of Swat valley is not very encouraging as most of its part is captured by the militants. Malam Jabba is the main tourist attraction in Swat valley.

There was a sky resort in Malam Jabba which used to attract many visitors from all around the world. The sky resort was closed by the Pakistan government in 2007 and it was burned by the militants in 2008.

The Kalam valley is the main tourist attraction in Swat valley along with Malam Jabba. It is very famous for its waterfalls and lakes. It is full of hiking sites and glaciers. The Kalam valley has a very rich culture and the people are very friendly here. The forests of Kalam are full of strawberries and they make the forests look green and red.

Reasons to visit Kaghan:

Kaghan valley is one of the most magical places in the Pakistan. It has places like Babusar top, Lalusar Lake and Lala Zar. It has magical wonders like Saif-ul-malook and Siri Payee.

Saif-ul-malook is the most famous and most visited place in the entire region. It has many traditions and many magical poems are centered on it. This place is thought to have heavenly connections. You can also find the most beautiful pieces of cloth on which the people of Kaghan have expressed their traditions using embroidery. This art is full of colors and a piece of such cloth cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Fishing is also something that can pull you towards Kaghan. Trout fish is known for its taste around the world and it is found in abundance in Kaghan.

You will be able to visit Naran, Shogran and many other amazing places when you are on your trip to Kaghan. Both Naran and Shogran are known to the visitors all around the world for the natural beauty and outclass facilities.

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