The want to travel is one that almost everyone experiences. There is so much in this world to explore and everyone wants to see these different parts be it with their friends or family or on a solo backpacking trip. If you were to ask an average middle-class person whether traveling is part of their future, then the answer in most cases will be yes. The desire to travel comes from the books we read, and the movies we see – the beauty and adventures we see across the pages and on our screens are ones that we want to go on and see for ourselves. There are many benefits to traveling and is an important part of many lives.

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Traveling helps with Stress:

It is not a surprise that traveling helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Often people work hard all year round and have gone through so much mentally and physically that they need a break. This break can come in the form of a vacation where just a week off from those 365 days is enough to reenergize a person and make them remember the good parts of life. Once you are in a new place you forget about your worries, all that hard work that you have been doing seems worth it, and the beauty and nature around excites you. You feel a sense of wonderment and begin to have an appreciation for things. This break makes you enjoy life once again and gives you hope for the future.

Meeting New People:

Often people join travel groups when going to explore different countries or even different parts of their country. When this happens they meet people from different cities or even their own city who are embarking on this journey with them. The people you travel with become your friends and you make some of the best memories of your life with them and if fate would have it then the friendship stays and you become travel partners for future trips. Traveling helps you to meet people from different backgrounds and you become exposed to different cultures. Not just in travel groups but you can meet someone at a restaurant or while shopping and have interesting and memorable interactions with them.

Recharges your Physical and Mental Health:

No matter how exhausted you are from life or from the journey, the moment you see the mountains or feel the different air of a brand new place – you forget the worries of life. You become happier and the urge and excitement to explore more and more keeps you going. Travelling helps with physical health as instead of the sedentary lifestyle back home, you become quite active as you run at the airport to get your luggage, explore the city, or hike up to the highest part in the mountains; you are instantly energized. These are things you want to do so no matter how tired your body is, you push yourself and this helps in regaining the stamina you may have lost from sitting at the office or in class for most of the day. The scenery itself is enough for one to forget their problems and enjoy the bliss of being away from the commotion and busy life. You get a chance to not work but just enjoy life for a few days and once you experience this feeling once, you want to experience it every year. So you plan your work according to your trip and you always have something to look forward to

Creativity and Adventurous Spirit:

Travelling makes a person creative. You are often met with challenges when traveling, not everything will go according to plan but these are things and experiences that help people to think of fast solutions. Having come so far no person would want to go back at a minor inconvenience so people learn to think on their feet and try new things. People often try new cuisines, discover new music, and discover new forms of art and traditions that they forever cherish. It is often when traveling that people find the courage to do things they would not normally do. They believe that if they have come so far, why not take up a challenge, why not join the dancers at a parade, why not go on the dangerous ride at the amusement park? Tourists move out of their comfort zones and find confidence in themselves.

Improvement in Communication Skills:

 Imagine yourself in a foreign country surrounded by people who speak a language you do not understand. Traveling helps you pick up new languages but also learn to communicate without language. Often travel plans are spontaneous or you do not get enough time to completely learn a brand new language. So you learn the important words and phrases but then rely on your instincts to get through. You observe when you travel and you learn to communicate through your actions and creativity. The phrases you pick up are ones that stick with you for a long time and then you come back and share them with your friends and families as you talk about your experiences. When traveling to a place whose native language you do not speak, you also learn to utilize your body language and read and interpret the body language of others!


Whether you have been on one trip in your life or several – the memories you make on each trip are the ones that get you through dark times. They also make you and your conversations with people interesting. People get to know a lot about you when they learn about your different traveling experiences and the way you narrate those tales. Moreover, when you meet people you went on a trip with after a long time, then you cannot help but go down memory lane and remember the good moments you spent together. Once you experience the joy of traveling you never want to stop, and then these memories motivate you to go on more and more trips.

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