Perhaps going down as one of the most famous testimonies of all time is the trial of Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp. Even though the couple got divorced in 2017, matters were complicated when Heard filed a domestic violence report against Depp and that instance has led to Depp suing Heard for 50 million dollars on account of defamation and domestic violence while Heard countersuing Depp for 100 million dollars. The trial has sent social media and celebrities into a frenzy with everyone choosing sides and dissecting the trial videos that are so easily available everywhere. 


In 2016, after a year of marriage and four years in a relationship, Amber Heard filed for divorce claiming that Johnny Depp had been verbally and physically abusive throughout their relationship and had thrown a phone at her leaving her heavily bruised. Depp denied attacking Heard and the police upon investigation chose Depp’s side and did not press any charges. The former couple then released a statement saying that the matters had been settled amongst them but that was not the case. In 2018, Heard without mentioning Depp’s name wrote an article on domestic abuse and how she amongst several other women was a survivor. This cost Depp, his friends, movie roles, money, and his fame which led him to sue Heard in 2019 also claimed that Depp had been abused in their relationship and not the abuser. 

With Depp losing important career-carrying roles such as that of Grindelwald, suddenly audio was leaked in 2020 which had proof that Heard was abusive. This led to Heard countersuing in 2021 and the trial started in April 2022. 

Johnny Depp’s Testimony: 

Depp’s testimony went on for four days where his lawyers brought in sufficient evidence of Heard’s alleged abuse that Depp won the sympathy of almost everyone following the case. Depp claimed that Heard’s article and abuse had led him to lose everything. This statement led to several people supporting him and bashing Heard. Moreover, Heard’s lawyers would try to present a case that Depp used to abuse drugs and alcohol which would lead to his anger issues and him being violent with Heard.
However, a very famous trial clip showed a recording in which Heard can be seen threatening Depp that no one will believe that he was a victim of domestic abuse because he was a man after clearly stating that she had punched and hit him. Along with that Depp narrated the instance when Heard lost her temper and threw wine bottles at him which led him to lose the tip of his finger which to this day has not healed and perhaps never will. Although this did gain Depp’s sympathy in eyes of both the Jury and the public, later Heard’s lawyers pulled up evidence of Depp’s chat with friends where he had written that he wishes Heard was dead and that he wants to burn her. This led to the court calling the couple’s therapist who then explained that the abuse be it mental or physical was mutual. 

Amber Heard’s Testimony: 

Amber Heard took the stand and gave a tear-jerking statement of how Depp had physically and mentally abused her. She also recalled the first time Depp had allegedly sexually abused her. However, with almost all the evidence against her except Depp’s text messages, the public could not sympathize with her. A psychologist was brought in who diagnosed Heard with a personality disorder and PTSD.

Moreover, Heard was caught by Depp’s lawyers lying on the stand several times. Her behavior and pattern which is being so closely observed lead the people to believe that she is making up stories to win support. Heard’s sister also claimed that she saw the couple physically fight in 2015.

Finally, Heard’s initial domestic violence report of 2015 was opened. However, Depp’s lawyers presented enough evidence to persuade the viewers that Heard was lying. Her bruises look fake but the photos were taken a day apart also showed that Heard’s bruises had suddenly shifted places. This raised suspicion about the reality of the situation and whether Heard had made it all up. Finally, Depp also claimed that Heard had cheated on him with James Franco, and Elon Musk. His lawyers had managed to find a video of Heard getting close to Franco in an elevator just a day before she filed the domestic violence complaint. This all had happened while Depp was on tour promoting a film. 

Just like Depp, Heard claims that she also faced defamation and had lost 50 million dollars worth of earnings as her role in Aquaman was drastically cut short when her main role was reduced to just 10-minute screen time in the second movie. However, Depp’s lawyers managed to prove that was not because of the case Depp had filed but because of Heard’s limited and lacking acting abilities. 


The trial has been ongoing for the past 23 days and is supposed to reach its conclusion soon. Heard’s claims of Depp abusing his other partners were also proven false when Kate Moss. Depp’s former girlfriend, agreed to take the stand and clear out any misconceptions. Moss stated that any bruises she got during her relationship with Depp were due to her falling down the stairs and not because of Depp abusing her. She claimed the Depp had always been a loving and supportive partner. 

Heard will take the stand once again before the Jury reaches its decision and although in this case. It may look like Heard is in the wrong. But the bullying she is facing on the internet has also led to several women who face domestic abuse to withdraw their cases. Therefore, it is important to take the right side and to voice against abusers. There is a line that should not be crossed as unnecessary criticism leads to actual victims suffering.

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