Venice International Film Festival is recognized as the oldest international film festival of the world that takes place on the Island of the Lido, Venice, Italy.

The 70 years old festival aims to preview all types of latest movies along with documentary films from around the world in order to recognize, acknowledge and praise the best achievements.

Count Giuseppe Volpi was the person who shaped the concept of the festival in 1932 as the “Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica” for the first time. Since that instant, the world witnesses that the idea is alive and the most prestigious film festival has been held in late August or in the beginning of September annually.

During the days of Venice International Film Festival, the momentous Palazzo del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi along with some other spots in the beautiful Island of Venice is the main place where mostly previews reach the audience.

The festival has been the element of the Venice Biennale (Italian Biennale di Venezia) for more than 100 years the most celebrated cultural institutions on the globe (established in 1895).

It is acknowledged universally for the International Film Festival, the International Art Exhibition as well as the International Architecture Exhibition, and maintains the vast belief of the fiesta of modern music, the Theatre Festival, currently lined via the celebration of modern dance.

The most important awards of the Venice International Film Festival include:

  • The Leone d’Oro (also known as Golden Lion) is presented for the best film screened in competition at the festival.
  • The Leone d’Argento (also known as Silver Lion) is given for the Best Director.
  • The Coppa Volpi (also known as Volpi Cup) is presented for the best actor and actress.

The Jury has the right to give away a Special Lion award for an overall effort to a director or actor of a movie screened in the main contest part. The awards of the Orizzonti part consist of: the Orizzonti Prize the Special Orizzonti Jury awards given to feature-length movies as well as the Orizzonti Short Film award, the Orizzonti Medium-length Film award.

There are a variety of films including seven narrative feature-length movies, seven short movies, and seven documentary films are presented for screening on the cinemas of Venice. Controcampo Italiano division previews all movies in their respective categories to make a competition.

The Controcampo Award (presented for narrative feature-length films) and the Controcampo Award (presented for short films) and the Controcampo Doc Award (presented for documentaries) are some most important honors of the sector.

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