Short story writing is a demanding task. It requires a lot from freelance writer in terms of serious thought and attention. You cannot become a short story writer overnight. However, you have to keep in mind the following short story writing guidelines:

Have something to say
A short story is not merely a narration of few events. It has a deep message inside it that needs to be communicated to your readers. So not only try to find some message to provide for the people, but also write it in a meaningful way. Use words appropriately to convey your message to your audience.

Read a lot
Try to make a habit of reading books. It will give you a lot of to think about and get inspired in the end. Get a good collection of great short story writers and read them through and through. By reading immensely, you will also find a specific writing style. So you would develop a unique way of writing a short story in the end.

Do not hesitate to write
Never hesitate to start your first short story writing project. Although you might be afraid to start due to lack of confidence or practice yet you have to take the first step. Never let others tell you that you cannot do it. Show them that you can do it anyway.

Focus on the message
Do not beat about the bush as you write the short story. Instead measure your words carefully to describe your message effectively. Do not use irrelevant phrases in the text that seem to deviate from the actual story. So you have to be extra careful about every word you put in the story.

Be original
Always try to develop your own style in short story writing. Taking inspiration from other writers’ work is good but do not imitate the style of others. So practice a lot till you recognize the actuality within you which must be obvious through your work. So never give up!

Be conscious of theme
You should try to create a clear-cut theme for your short story. It should be free from ambiguities in your mind so that you are able to convey your message to the readers. The clearer the theme of the story is, the more powerful its impact would be on others.

Do not make story a mess
Do not create a fuss in the story by adding too much into it. Refrain from including host of characters in the short story that do not seem to fit in. Add only as much people in the story that you can effectively manage and handle. It implies that you give sufficient time to the description of important characters in the short story. There should not be any feelings of emptiness left in the reader’s mind after going through your stuff.

Mind your words
Be especially careful of the each word you put in the writing piece. It should not have wordiness or overwhelmed with repeated words. So try to add meaning to the short story by making every word count.

Keep it narrow
The message you are trying to give to your readers must be focused. Do not try to talk about everything in a limited space.

These simple ways when followed can make your short story writing task much easier. Quality of the end product will also improve following these ways.

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