It is not that the book authors belong to Mars or any other planet. They are humans like you and me. Hence proved that anyone with good writing skills can ‘attempt’ to write a book. Well, attempting only is not enough; you need to know the basic rules of book writing to get your book published.

You can have numerous ways to earn money through it! The best way is to adopt book writing as career. Although it is difficult yet it is not impossible! With few book writing tips, you can master the art of book writing.

Don’t Stop
If you want to make money through book writing, go for it! Do not let anyone tell you that it is not your cup of tea! Believe in yourself and keep working toward your aim steadily!

Read a Lot
Yes, I’m telling you that you will have to read a lot in order to produce a book. Book is not something which you can write overnight. It requires a hell lot of input from you. You will have to go through hundreds of books to be perfect at book writing. No kidding here! So grab a masterpiece and read it till the end!

Make a Habit Of Writing Frequently
As you know a book writer has to write a lot, you will have to increase your pace of writing. Writing down does not necessarily mean opening a laptop to type in. Rather, you can use your cell phone to note down ideas that come to your mind.

Write What People Want To Hear
In order to write a book that becomes a best-seller, you have to keep in mind the others’ interests. Write what the majority of readers like to hear. If there is a burning issue, write a book on it instead of telling fairy tales or making up stories.

Be Motivated
How can you start something which you do not feel interested in? You need a great pull before you put a start to something new. At times, you will feel bored by writing all the day! So keep intrinsically motivating yourself in order to finish your first book!

Never Give Up
We know that book writing is not easy and it really is a difficult form of writing. The main reason behind the difficulty in writing a book is that it is a quite lengthy project. You might feel like leaving the task midway sometime but do not give up! You might need to write several drafts in order to create a perfect piece of writing. So be patient and keep going!

⦁ Be a Good Criticize your own work! Look at your draft critically and note your mistakes with a promise not to repeat them!

Keep a note of these three steps to give your book an approval from the publication house. These steps for book writing well followed closely will result in a well written book.

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