white paper

A white paper can be understood as any document having authoritative outlook. It is capable of helping those in authority make important decisions. They make use of white paper to examine an issue and thus decide for or against it. So it is basically a report containing important information which cannot be ignored.

Types of White Papers
There are two basic categories in which we can divide white papers. One type consists of papers which belong to official documents’ category and can be used to implement legislations. These documents are shown to the concerned officials who can make decisions about a law.

The second category of white paper is concerned with marketing documents. The organizations issue white papers detailing particular information about their products. These documents can be accessed by general public looking for certain products.

Overall, the white papers enjoy the status of being important writing pieces.

A White Paper is a formal Communication issued by competent persons or companies, describing the current status of an industry or economic aspect which has a bearing on the Industry as a whole or the economy as a whole. Because of the high degree of credibility attached to such communication, the writers who draft them have to take due precautions.

The major types of White Paper are: Industry Knowledge White Paper and Product Knowledge White Paper

In the first type, more stress is given on giving a thorough look at the State of the Art in the industry and major problems currently faced. It then proceeds to list the current attempts at solving the problems and the various technical details of such attempts. An objective discussion of the relative merits and demerits of each technical innovation follows. Care is taken not to push one’s own solution in an obvious way, but subtle hints are dropped showing its edge over the competing solutions.

In a Product Knowledge White Paper, the tone is on stressing the superiority of one’s solution over the competing product. There is a clear highlighting of the specific advantages to the buyer in opting for the particular product. These White Papers, which are detailed Product literature, backed by technical data and expert opinions, make for great Product Sales promotion, after initial sales contacts are established.

In both the types (Industry Knowledge White Paper and Product Knowledge White Paper) the Writer has to ensure that credibility is not compromised by unnecessarily naked Sales Push. Otherwise the results will be counter-productive.

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