Going 6-0 in a particular game is easy but going 6-0 to win the match is not easy. Tennis requires some excellent control to give no chance to the opponent to play serve of the serving player.

Not many tennis players enjoy the flavor of whitewash in tennis. As for the Australian Open, six men tennis players and 13 women tennis players have been able to do a complete whitewash in one match to claim the victory.

Here is the list of famous male and female tennis players who won the Australian Open singles title with a whitewash:

Whitewash result for men’s singles title in Australian Open (6-0, 6-0, and 6-0)

This record has been set by six famous male tennis players so far in the Australian Open:

1) Famous male tennis player James Anderson in the first round of Australian Open 1925

2) Famous male tennis player Fred Perry in the quarter-final of Australian Open 1935

3) Famous male tennis player John Bromwich in the first round of Australian Open 1949

4) Famous male tennis player Neale Fraser in the first round of Australian Open 1953

5) Famous male tennis player Martin Mulligan in the first round of Australian Open 1960

6) Famous male tennis player Richard Russel in the first round of Australian Open 1966

Whitewash result for women singles title in Australian Open (6-0, 6-0)

For this, 13 female tennis players claimed this whitewash, out of which four women did the whitewash in the 1998 Australian Open Grand Slam. In the same year, Mary Pierce achieved the feat twice due to her whitewash. Wendy Turnbull achieved this feat 3 times and Margaret Court achieved it four times.

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