Wimbledon in the era of 1969-1960 fulfilled the dream of Australian tennis players, who held the trophy and the runner-up position for almost throughout the era.

The famous male tennis player of that era was Rod Laver. He is the only player who has won all four Grand Slams in one year, first as an amateur in 1962 and then as a professional in 1969. Rod Laver won 4 Wimbledon titles in his career in the ’60s and owned 11 Grand Slam titles overall in his fantastic career.

Also among the tennis player ranking profile is Roy Emerson, who won the title twice. The list of male winners and runner-ups of the Wimbledon Open tennis championship during 1969-1960 is as follow:

Year 1969-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1969: Rod Laver
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1969: John Newcombe

Year 1968-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1968: Rod Laver
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1968: Tony Roche

Year 1967-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1967: John Newcombe
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1967: Wilhelm Bungert

Year 1966-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1966: Manuel Santana
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1966: Dennis Ralston

Year 1965-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1965: Roy Emerson
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1965: Fred Stolle

Year 1964-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1964: Roy Emerson
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1964: Fred Stolle

Year 1963-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1963: C.R Mckinley
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1963: Fred Stolle

Year 1962-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1962: Rod Laver
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1962: Martin Mulligan

Year 1961-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1961: Rod Laver
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1961: Chuck McKinley

Year 1960-Wimbledon Open

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male) – 1960: Neale Fraser
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male) – 1960: Rod Laver

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