Wimbledon has a history of challenging competitions and one of the prime examples is the era of 1989-1980 when the title went into the hands of the United States, Sweden, and Germany.

This era ended the victorious journey of Bjorn Borg, a Swedish Tennis Player who was highly ranked amongst the professional tennis players’ names in history. Other top names include John McEnroe and Boris Becker who won the title 3 times in this era.

Boris Becker became the youngest man ever to have won the Wimbledon championship in 1985. He was just 15 years old when he raised the coveted silver trophy on the center court. Boris Becker is also the first German ever to have won the title, along with being the first unseeded player to do so.

Boris took three hours and 18 minutes to defeat South African Born American Kevin Curren to win the Wimbledon Championship. Boris won the Wimbledon championship again in the following year and then for the third time in 1989.

His attacking style of tennis based on massive and dramatic serves and diving volleys defined the tennis game for men for many years. McEnroe not only won 3 Wimbledon titles but he also brought style and charisma to center court.

He was often booed upon for his extreme and inexcusable behavior but he was loved for his delicacy and tough mind which he showed in his game.

The list of male winners and runner-ups of the Wimbledon Open tennis championship during 1989-1980 is as follow:

Year 1989-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1989: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1989: Stefan Edberg

Year 1988-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1988: Stefan Edberg
  • Runner-up (male)-1988: Boris Becker

Year 1987-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1987: Pat Cash
  • Runner-up (male)-1987: Ivan Lendl

Year 1986-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1986: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1986: Ivan Lendl

Year 1985-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1985: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1985: Kevin Curren

Year 1984-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1984: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1984: Jimmy Connors

Year 1983-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1983: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1983: Chris Lewis

Year 1982-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1982: Jimmy Connors
  • Runner-up (male)-1982: John McEnroe

Year 1981-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1981: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1981: Bjorn Borg

Year 1980-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1980: Bjorn Borg
  • Runner-up (male)-1980: John McEnroe

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