writer's block

Writer’s block causes a writer to stop writing due to some known or unknown reasons. It might be the result of some interpersonal difficulty that disturbs the writer. However, it can also be the result of boredom or some other issue that makes the writer unable to write. The duration of writer’s block can go up to few days to few years too. It depends on the reason behind the occurrence of this writer’s block in the specific writer.

Although it is difficult to cure writer’s block once it overpowers the writer yet it can be dealt with few tactics. Firstly, the writer must try to find the reason why he is not inclined toward writing. Once he finds out the root cause, he can overcome his writer’s block. Secondly, he must do writing on daily basis and jot down whatever comes in his mind. In this way, he can deal with this condition appropriately.

Every writer suffers from block at one stage or the other. It is as common as sunburn on a beach. For some, the prospect of putting that first word on a blank page is daunting, and sheer indecision can prevent them from being able to begin. Other writers find that, for them, writer’s block is that moment when you simply cannot think of what ought, logically, to come next.

Explaining block to a writer is simple. Explaining it to non-writers is tough. I would expect the best way to describe it would be as sudden onset vocabulary amnesia. As a writer, married to a non-writer, my husband will testify to the number of times he’s heard me exclaim that my mind has a hole in it and that everything I ever knew about writing fell out of it. He smiles and promptly gives me a different task. Being a wise man, he’s learned the trick that usually fixes the writer’s block is distraction.

Step away from the work. Take a walk. Watch a TV show. Or write about something else. Then, when you have gotten past that frustrated state induced by a block, you can try again. Chances are that it won’t be too long before your block dissolves and you are back on track. Writer’s block is a malady peculiar to the craft and its cruelty can only be felt and understood by one who has suffered through it.

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