We all love the championships in which our best and favorite players are rivals to each other. The players that will play in the championships are the lowest seeds.

A “seed” is a ranking of players that will play in knockout tournaments, such as Wimbledon. The win-loss and other related data about the competitors are analyzed and they have ranked accordingly.

The player seeded 1st is the most favorite one for that tournament and it is assumed that he will be the best player throughout the tournament and will win it, as well. In singles Grand Slams, 32 seeds are needed that means 32 of the best players of that gender will compete in the Grand Slam.

Age has never been considered important as long as the player is in his best form during the game and in his career. This is why there have been tennis players who at a very old age were able to own a respectable seed by winning the grand slam championship. Here are the youngest and oldest seeded players in Grand Slams: 

Youngest seed in the Grand Slams:

The youngest male seed to have played so far is Sweden’s B. R. Borg who played in a Grand Slam at the age of 17 years in 1973. The youngest female seed was USA’s Jennifer Capriati in 1999; she was 14 years old then.

Oldest seed in the Grand Slams:

The oldest seed in men’s singles was the USA’s, R. A. Gonzales. He played in the Grand Slam at the age of 41 years in 1969. Among women, the oldest seed was also from the USA. L. W. King played at the age of 39 years in the 1983 Grand Slam.

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