Pakistani cinema has arrived! This is a statement which won’t be an overstatement now that we see period films like MaheMir coming out.

Although the trailer has got good reviews and we see a lot of interest in Pakistani cinegoers to watch MaheMir in cinemas, one still wonders what are the best three things which convince you to spend your hard earned money on a film which is not a typical masala entertainer.

I have given it some thought before I have arrived at this conclusion. Here are my three reasons to watch MaheMir in cinemas.

  1. Iman Ali

Wowed by her looks? Oh yes, we all are!

Iman Ali looks so real, so believable in her attire that she is our most important reason to watch this film in cinema. MaheMir has Iman Ali in the role of Mehtab, the love interest of Mir. She looks ravishing in the promos. My first reason to watch MaheMir would be how good Iman Ali looks in her role. It seems that it was written for her precisely.

2. Iman Ali

That’s right folks. My second reason of watching MaheMir in cinema is again, Iman Ali. Pakistani film actress Iman Ali has already performed in Khuda k Liye and Bol. Both of these films were directed by famous Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor.

Shoaib is known for his attention to detail, and thus he was able to get the best out of Iman Ali in both the films she has worked in so far. This is the real test for her. Is Iman Ali as good as she seemed in Khuda K Liye and Bol? This is a question which MaheMir will answer for us.

Unfortunately for Pakistani film industry, at present, we do not have any female superstars from film industry. Iman Ali is special as she has two successive box office hits which were critically acclaimed too. Let’s see if she can lighten the silver screen with her magic the third time too.

3. Iman Ali

Well, yes, fellas! My third reason of watching MaheMir is again Iman Ali. Why? This is because Iman has always chosen great projects to work in. She has worked in fewer projects, but most often than not, she selects the right projects. This is what we expect from this film as well.

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