Hydro-electric power is the production of power through the use of water. When water is made to fall using the gravitational pull of the earth, there arises a power which can be used for generating electricity.

This is a concept which is fast picking up pace in Pakistan because of the acute shortage of regular methods of generating electricity. But there are myriad advantages and disadvantages of hydro-electric power.


The advantages include the constant production of electricity using this method, the easy stoppage and remittance of electricity for times of high demand of power, the usage of lake water for irrigation purposes, and finally the electricity when in use does not emit greenhouse gases.

Pakistan has been able to satisfy most of these requisites which has helped in satisfying its electricity requirements to some level. There are basically 5 advantages of using hydro-electric power which apply for any nation.

These I will mention weigh more for the nation of Pakistan because it is a developing country and it needs more reserves of electricity not available on a regular basis from any other source.

  • The primary advantage lies in its independence on the price of uranium, oil, and other types of fuel. This results in saving a lot of cash for allocation to other purposes.
  • The second advantage of hydro-electric power is the minimal amount of pollutants produced by it. Hydro-electric power gives out less or no wastage as byproduct.
  • Thirdly, it helps Pakistan cut down on the number of employees appointed for this function. A minimal staff will take care of a hydro-electric plant.
  • Fourthly, the size of the plant does not have to be the standard one. It can be customized to the size of the river or stream whose water is going to supplement the process.
  • Finally, another advantage of this process is the renewal factor which comes along with hydro-power into the country.


Some of the primary disadvantages include the high cost of constructing dams, the eminent flooding of natural land and destruction of property, forcible movement of people from these areas, and the possibility of geological damage when the dams are constructed.

Pakistan has kept a close eye on the advantages and disadvantages of hydro-electric power and has been trying to find out methods to reduce the latter.

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