Watching the movies only of your own country seems like an act of patriotism. However, it is a fact that most people prefer watching movies of other country’s film industry.

For instance, many Pakistanis love watching Bollywood and many Indians prefer Hollywood. But the revival of Pakistan Film Industry has changed the mindsets of people and they switched from Bollywood to Lollywood.

Take a look at seven reasons to support and Watch Pakistani Cinema.

  • Before anything else, we are Pakistanis. It’s our duty to support Pakistani content. Therefore, people shouldn’t feel any reluctance towards showing love for their country.
  • As compared to prior films, the quality of recent movies is outstanding. From the storyline to the performances, everything is far better than traditional Punjabi cinema of 90s.
  • The filmmakers pay more attention on social issues in Lollywood as compared to Bollywood. Therefore, it’s a good idea to focus on more reality-based stories of films.
  • The more support of viewers with Pakistani cinema would take this industry to the other level in a very short span.
  • The popularity of Pakistani actors even across the border shows that they are highly talented. Our actors can easily compete with Bollywood stars in terms of acting skills.
  • Apart from the storyline, the songs of movies are also grabbing attention of cinemagoers towards Pakistani cinema. We have numerous talented singers who’re also hired by Bollywood. If you watch movies for songs, Pakistani films also offer great combo of superb story with catchy songs.
  • It is the best source of entertainment for cinemagoers. Except TV serials, the films provide fun and lots of entertainment to the viewers. The stories of Pakistani movies are related to our societal issues. Most of them are family movies that can be seen with everybody.

All of these reasons of supporting Pakistani cinema would definitely attract many viewers. Millions of people are supporting Pakistani film industry due to the superb storyline and performances of the talented actors. It is highly suggested to focus on these points if you’ve switched to Bollywood or Hollywood.

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