When it is about humanity, Edhi is the name worth mentioning. Abdul Sattar Edhi, the social activist, humanitarian, ascetic and philanthropist is regarded as the angel of mercy.

The Huffington Post claimed that he is the World’s greatest humanitarian. From a common man living in the streets of Gujrat, seeing his mother suffer from paralysis and mental illness with no aid provided due to poverty, to providing a visual proof of the world humanitarian aid.

Edhi created a charitable empire out of nothing. He is the mastermind of the welfare organization that managed to become the first largest and the best organized social welfare system in Pakistan and 3rd in the World. With a set of two clothes, living in a room adjoining his office with high aims and hopes in mind, Abdul Sattar revered as the national hero of Pakistan.

Starting his work from independence with the initial amount of $500, this private organization turned itself into the only welfare foundation of Pakistan assisting every single person who was in need and whom the organization came across.

Edhi foundation has built in 1800 ambulances that are deployed with efficiency at any terrorist attack to a fleet of 28 rescue boats and 2 airplanes for any sort of emergency. To reduce female infanticide, Edhi placed a cradle outside his foundation and over 50,000 babies are nourished inside the foundation.

He created 24/7 paramedic dispensaries and a hotline for missing families. In over 300 welfare centers thousands of destitute, mentally ill people, women and elderly reside. He was registered as a father/gua rdian of 20,000 children and has won the case to issue national identity card to orphans.

With an aim to build wireless communication between hospitals and ambulances, along with better equipped ambulances with paramedics Edhi died on 8th July, 2016. The country gave him a state funeral attended by 10,000 people

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