Abbottabad, the well-known hill resort of Pakistan is located at an elevation of 1,225 meters in the province of KPK. It enjoys a temperate climate with cool pleasant summer and bearable winter with sporadic snow falls.

Abottabad is also the gateway to the northern areas of Pakistan. Abottabad is known for having the largest number of educational institutions and is thus called “The City of Schools”.

The military academies of Pakistan Army are also located here Pakistan Military Academy Kakul being the most prominent one. Abottabad is a neat clean city with all modern facilities easily available.

It has beautiful gardens, a golf course, well maintained parks and pine covered hills. The pleasant weather makes it all the more alluring.

While traveling from Rawalpindi to Abottabad, one can visit Taxila. Taxila is one of the few places in the world with rich history. Placed at a strategic position Taxila has witnessed some great civilizations. Built on a plateau, the city of Taxila was situated at the junction of three trade routes.

Taxila was ruled by the Persians, the Greeks (Successors of Alexander the Great) and the Buddhist (Asoka). All of them have left a mark in the form of monuments, buildings and statues. Taxila is a beautiful place to visit especially in winters. It is warm and sunny as the sites one likes to visit are all open. The university and other ruins are very attractive and enjoyable sites for the visitors.

Of the three civilizations, The Buddhist (Gandhara) civilization has left a deep impact. This city was invaded by the White Huns who after plundering ultimately destroyed it. Numerous statues of Buddha, ruins of monasteries, stupas, and Buddhist monuments in the Gandharan style of art have been excavated.

Some places of interest in Taxila are Bhir Mound, Dharmarajika, Sirkap, Jaulian, Jandial, Sirsukh, and Mohra Moradu. A trip to the Taxila Museum is a must if you are visiting Taxila. Present day Taxila has an Engineering University and a Heavy Mechanical Complex which was set up in collaboration with China.

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