The primary economic activity in the country of Pakistan is agriculture. So it is only natural that a large number of crops are grown over here. Maximum percentage of the people in Pakistan is dependent on the occupation of Farming which is evident from the statistics which are available.

Agriculture, coupled with small-scale forestry and fishing contributes almost 1/4th of the total GDP. Moreover, it provides employment to a huge number of people. Almost 48% of the total labor force in Pakistan is employed in this sector.

There are huge tracts of land in Pakistan which are devoted to growing agricultural crops. Although, agriculture crops are grown in all parts of the country, the primary areas are the Indus River plains in the areas of Sindh and Punjab.

There has been considerable development and advancement in the methods of growing agricultural crops over the past few decades but a lot remains to be done, especially in accordance with the growing concerns of global warming which is threatening to pose big problems to the nation.

The agricultural think-tank needs to develop new methods of growing crops with the minimal use of water because of the apparent lack of the same. Further, additives and fertilizers which can maximize the output need to be developed.

With the increasingly worse yields of agricultural crops that the farmers of Pakistan are getting each successive year, it is high time that they employed the use of agricultural fertilizers for the betterment of crops. There are a lot of factors which can be thwarted to increase the yields by the help of the same.

The advantages of using agricultural fertilizers for the growing of crops seem to be manifold. First and foremost, the use of agricultural fertilizers is very important for improving the overall productivity of the land. Farmers in Pakistan are increasingly getting aware of the various nutrients that are present in fertilizers which help the soil in producing a better yield.

Furthermore, the dire lack of water for irrigation would be neutralized by the use of fertilizers which would help in the artificial semi nation of nutrients into the plant in a dissolved form.

The use of fertilizers has grown at a fast pace over the past few decades though the first use of the same was done in the year 1950. Proper knowledge of the same seems to have done a world of good to the farmers.

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