This interview with Sharmeen Obaid was conducted at NCA, Lahore. Time was short as Sharmeen had a full schedule. Team FilmsPlusmovies thus completed this interview in only a few minutes time.

We would love to conduct a much more detailed interview with Sharmeen Obaid, who has won Academy Award twice by now.

Q: Where were you born?

A: I was born on 12th November, 1978 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Q: What is your educational background?

A: Although I was born and raised in Pakistan, but I moved to United States for the higher studies. After graduating from the Smith College in 2002, I returned back to Pakistan.

Q: How do you feel after winning Oscar Award? A second time.

A: I am very happy, but after winning two Oscar awards now, I have double responsibilities or you may say duties because audience start expecting more from you and to maintain that level is not always easy.

Q: Is propaganda film making common in world? Yes or NO?

A: Yes, I think propaganda film is common and it has been happening since ages. And it should be done and those who are not doing this are doing wrong. Agenda and thoughts are delivered through propaganda film. So, Pakistan should have to do this work to communicate its point of view. Build your own narrative. Help people build their opinion. Get into the act now.

Q: Why did you make 3 Bahadur and 3 Bahadur 2?

A: I want to give local heroes to our children. Why always super heroes like superman, Spiderman etc.? Children should also be aware of their local heroes. As you know Ainak Wala Jinn is a very powerful character which was made by Pakistanis themselves and was liked very much. Animated characters in 3 Bahadur are speaking Urdu. The environment shown in these films is something our own kids can relate to. Our purpose is that our children should have their own animated characters and home grown heroes.

Q: Are these movies 3 Bahadur and 3 Bahadur 2 made for multiplexes only?

A: No, I disagree with this. These films are made for everyone. Everything is new in these movies and it is for children. It is a very fine concept. It is in Urdu for the convenience of everyone.

Q: Why did you make movie for children?

A: Today, there is no entertainment for children. These are the movies in which you are not bound to supervise your children. That’s why, I think there should be programming for children.

Q: In your opinion, why 3 Bahadur and 3 Bahadur 2 should be supported?

A: I will only say don’t watch these movies to support Sharmeen, but watch to support Pakistani cinema and film industry.

Q: What difficulties did you face during movie making?

A: I am a documentary film maker. So, it was common responses to the news of me making a film that how can documentary film maker make a good movie. I, also as a feature film maker, faced difficulties. Especially, I had time issue, but I hope in my next movies, I will overcome these issues and will give my best to my audience.

Q: Why did you have lavish premiers of 3 Bahadur and planning the same for 3 Bahadur 2?

A: I decided to have premiers for these movies because I wanted more people to come to know about the movie and so that more people may come to watch these movies. Movie making is not enough for a film maker, but response of the audience is also important. This is the responsibility of a film maker to convey its message to audience.

Q: Is mobile application for 3 Bahadur your new idea?

A: A lot is happening in this world. Pakistan should also catch up with all these things because when a movie releases today, its website, merchandise, application etc. are also released. So, I think 3 Bahadur, 3 Bahadur 2 and all new movies we make must be promoted in this way.

Q: What is your opinion about women of this era?

A: I think women should step into every field of life and take charge in their own capacity. They should work as film makers, as sportswomen, as artists, painters, as teachers, educators. As a woman you can make a difference if you work professionally.

Due to shortage of time, we had to conclude our interview with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy at this note. We sure hope to be able to ask her a few more questions in future. So long, best of luck Sharmeen!

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