Samiya Mumtaz is well known all across Pakistan not only for her brilliant performance in her debut movie “Dukhtar” (2014) but also for her role par excellence in TV serial “Meri zaat Zarra-e-be-nishaan”.

Samiya Mumtaz started her career back in 1995, through a PTV venture named “Zard Dopeher”. Since then Samiya Mumtaz, the famous Pakistani actress, has worked in numerous stage and theater plays, TV dramas and a few films. “Dukhtar” (2014) was her first movie, and “Jami’s Moor” (2015) is her second performance for Pakistani silver screen.

Team All About Pakistan interviewed Samiya Mumtaz. As the veteran actress is very busy, it was difficult to find time for a face to face interview. We were however able to get her attention online, thanks to digital media. To all our questions, famous Pakistan TV and Film Actress Samiya Mumtaz offered detailed answers.

To the question about similarity of her role of “Dukhtar” with that of “Moor” she replied that “No, there is no similarity between the two roles, although, I do play a mother in both. Both the characters and all circumstances are completely different”.

As a film viewer in Pakistan, it has always been of interest for me personally to know how and why the actors select and agree to do a movie. When the same question was asked, Samiya said that “At best: a meaningful, well-written script and a professional team. At worst: A script that is respectful towards women, and does not perpetuate negative stereotypes”.

“Films is the format that suits me more, in comparison to TV” she said. When she was asked about her ultimate choice of forms in performing art, she said that it was theater that she liked best.

Samiya Mumtaz, the popular Pakistani actress from 2015 Pakistani movie Moor said that “(it is) Theatre. Because it’s a “live” medium where we work in real-time, where the story unfolds in a continuum rather than being broken up into pieces. It also trusts the actor to take on the show, and do with it what they will, including improvising on the spot, or managing goof-ups”.

Other than selection of role by an actor, another very important criteria in my view about an artist’s intelligence is his or her attention towards the quality of craft.

On the same line of thought, in this interview with Samiya Mumtaz she was asked about importance of content and script quality in a film. To this question she replied that “Content and script quality are the most supreme and important parts of a film. Without these, even the best cinematographer and actors cannot create a noteworthy production”.

“I believe that the future is open for Pakistani showbiz and cinema, but it does not exist in a vacuum. The society it is a product of, will necessarily shape it. What we must consciously strive for is not to succumb to the negative forces in our society by creating work that perpetuates and reinforces the negative.

Instead, we must be clear in carrying forward a vision for a just and equitable world when making contributions to the cinema and showbiz”. The next question in this interview with Samiya Mumtaz was about what Pakistani film industry lacks at the moment.

To this question, popular Pakistani actress Samiya Mumtaz replied that “Mostly, in having a clear vision as far as script-writing and concept-creation is concerned. But also in technical, formal training in all the departments that go towards creating a credible production”.

Samiya Mumtaz said that she successfully balances her work and personal life by going ahead and doing both. As far as suggestions for the younger girls go, I think it would be a better idea to focus on their craft as actors rather than on their looks. In future I plan to take things as they come”.

“Moor” (2015) is one of her great performances in recent times. Considering that she is only 2 films old while performing in Moor The Film, her performance is commendable.

When she was asked about how she ended up doing this film, she said that “Jami asked me to do play the role of Palwasha, later he decided my hair was too short for it, and cast someone else. It was at the last minute, when he decided to ask me again if I’d go to Quetta at a few hours’ notice and play the role I was chosen for earlier.

I had been interested in being part of this project and so I agreed. What makes “Moor the Film” different from other movies is the fact that “first of all, it is not consciously copying its way of telling a story from other cinema.

And secondly, it is being honest to what it believes in, rather than trying to sell itself to what the perceived “market” wants”. “I cannot relate to the character I have played in “Moor The Film” (2015) on a personal level, but I can relate to it as an actor”.

Samiya Mumtaz is not only a brilliant actor, but she is also a very well organized person. If that was not the case, you wouldn’t be reading this interview. We wish this multitalented TV and Film actress from Pakistan all the best for her future.

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