Every year on August 14th, Pakistan celebrates its independence day from the British Rule. It is also known as the “Yom-e-Istiqlal”. Just like any independence day in the world, August 14th is a national holiday in Pakistan. Throughout the country, this day is celebrated with flag raising ceremonies, fireworks, and tributes to the national heroes.

The 1st of August marks the beginning of preparations for the celebrations. The streets are decorated with mini flags and green and white stripes; the colour of the Pakistani flag. People decorate their houses showing their enthusiasm and love for their mother land.

Big flags are hoisted on buildings and houses all around the country. Some buildings are decorated with small colorful lights which present a beautiful picture when lit at night. The air echoes with patriotic songs and slogans.

These celebrations take place all over the country all well as in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. In the course of the event, the Prime Minister and President of the country raise the national flag at the Parliament and Presidential Buildings, and they deliver speeches that are televised on national TV.

The speeches highlight the government’s achievements, as well as its goals for the future. The August 14th Independence Day of Pakistan brings to mind the words of “Quaid-e-Azam”, who is the father of the nation. His words highlight bringing discipline, faith, and unity to the people of Pakistan.

It was in the year 1947, on August 14th, that Independence Day of Pakistan was officially announced. Part of the Independence Day celebration in Pakistan is the lighting of candles at midnight by students. This is to bring hope and luck for the future.

Cultural programs and activities also take place in different provincial capitals of the country most particularly in the colleges and schools. Friends and families gather for outings, lunches or dinner during the celebration.

Competitions and entertainment programs are held among societies, cultural centers, and even housing colonies for the observance of the special holiday.

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