Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Bhatti (1910–27thJuly, 1948) is one of the recipient of Nishan-e-Haider. Sarwar Khan was born in Singhori village, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi.

Born in Rajput family, Captain Sarwar went to join Indian Military in 1942 and was commissioned in the Punjab Regiment of Indian Army in 1944. After independence of Pakistan in 1947, Captain Sarwar Khan was transferred to Pakistan Army.

Soon after the partition of sub-continent, tensions raised between India and Pakistan over the disputed area of Kashmir. Indian troops landed in Kashmir and took control of Kashmir.

Flared by anger, patriotism and love for their Kashmiri brothers, Pakistan Army was ordered to intervene on the order of the then Governor-General Muhammad Ali Jinnah. During the early days of Kashmir war, Captain Sarwar Khan was busy in doing a course at a military school in Murree.

He requested to be deployed with his parent unit which was fighting with Indians at the Uri sector but his requests were turned down. After repeated requests he was finally sent back to join his unit.

After joining his unit at Uri sector, Captain Sarwar Khan was appointed as the Company Commander of the 2nd battalion. He led successful attacks on Indian army inflicting heavy damages to the enemy.

On the fateful night of 28th July, 1948, Captain Sarwar Khan launched an attack on the strongly fortified position of enemy at the Uri sector. Enemy responded with heavy machine gun and mortar fire but he and his men made their way through barbed wire barrier which was hindering their movement.

In this process, Captain Muhammad Sarwar Khan received a burst of heavy machine gun in his fire and lost his life. Captain Muhammad Sarwar Khan was posthumously awarded Nishan-e-Haider for the bravery shown by him.

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