• Changla Gali:

Changla Gali is a hill station. It is located in the Sheer Gharbi. District 16 km from Murree. It lies in the Galliat Region which forms a link between Punjab and KPK provinces of Pakistan. The vegetation of Changla Gali is similar to the other hill stations of that area.

Pine trees covering lofty hills are a treat for sore eyes. The cool climate is nerve soothing making Changla gali a perfect place to relax. Also being smaller in size than the other hill stations, it is not crowded with people. The setup of Changla gali speaks of its colonial pioneers.

The water from the natural springs is collected in reservoirs and supplied to Murree and adjoining areas. It is a habitat for wildlife as well. Leopards, Red Fox, porcupines and black bears are found here.

Pheasants, tits, woodpeckers are some species of birds that can be seen. Hiking and trekking to the peaks of Mukshpuri and Miran jani remains the main activities of the area.

  • Ghora Gali:

Ghora Gali is a hill station located at the north eastern tip of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is at a height of 1691 meters and is a wonderful place with its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The hill station was developed by the British as a resort for its troops.

It was mainly chosen, as its breath taking surroundings were very much similar to the scenery of Great Britain. So to give the troops an atmosphere of home, Ghora Gali was decided to be developed as their recreation.

The main feature of this area is the Lawrence College. The Lawrence College was set up in 1860 by Major General Sir Montgomery Lawrence to educate the children of the British army officers. The Lawrence College is the first and the oldest boarding college of Pakistan.

The Lawrence College is reputed to be one of the best educational institutes of the world. The British had setup a brewery called Murree Brewery in 1860 as well. The brewery was setup to provide beer for the British Troops. The brewery was destroyed during the 1947 riots.

Another feature of Ghora gali is its 1,100 meter long chair lift. The chair lift operates from Ghora gali to Pindi Point in Murree.

  • Patriata:

Patriata also called New Murree is a hill resort situated 15 km South East of Murree at the highest peak of Murree Hills. It stands 9,000 feet above sea level. The climate here is much cooler and the area is heavily forested.

The pine scented crisp clean air, the lush green surroundings, and the calm and quite of the place are really intoxicating. The British called it “The Little England” and planted oak and chestnut trees to give it a colonial touch.

Patriata has been developed as a tourist resort. The main attraction of this area besides its scenic beauty is the chair lift and cable car ride. It is a 7 km long ride from the Gulera Gali to the Patriata Ridge via chair lift.

The chair lift ride commences from Gulera Gali and ends at the Patriata Bazaar. From here the passengers are carried to the Patriata Ridge in a cable car. Cable cars are quite safe and give you a fantastic view of the valley and the surrounding hills.

It’s a really truly enjoyable experience. Once you reach the bridge, you can walk further and get a great view of the valley from the highest point of the hill. Or you can sit back and enjoy the bounties of nature. Horse riding is another option.

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