A large, quick and effective network of communications is necessary for the growth of a country. In Pakistan, the PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd) has spread a wide network of phones throughout the country linking millions of people both locally and internationally. There are at present 6 million subscribers in the country linked together by the latest technologies available.

Over the years the mobile (cellular) phone has become extremely popular and people prefer it over the landlines because of low call rates and wider coverage. SMS services are a definite plus in cellular communication. In 2008, Pakistan was the world’s third-fastest growing telecommunications market.

With 95 million subscribers recorded in July 2009, Pakistan had the largest number of cell phone connections in South Asia. Now with 160 million mobile phone users, Pakistan is amongst the most improved countries with regard to Mobile Internet Penetration.

Cellular service providers are Jazz (previously Mobilink and Warid), Ufone, Telenor, Zong and PTCL. PTCL also provides internet connections. Recently wireless broadband has been introduced by PTCL as well as private cellular companies. With speedy transmission of information and data around the four corners of the world, the pace of industrial development has accelerated.

Land Communications

Land communication is possible through roads and railways. The government of Pakistan has spread a network of roads all over the country to facilitate the transportation of goods throughout the country. Goods are also carried via railways. Nearly all the major cities of Pakistan are linked through railway lines. Landmark Communications is an organisation with the aim to support vital industries of Pakistan’s economy by improving linkages between various stakeholders.

Air Communications

Besides PIA (Pakistan International Airline) the official flag carrier, some private airlines also operate locally as well as internationally. However, international coverage is restricted to Dubai only.

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