Deosai plains located in the Baltistan District of Pakistan are one of the highest plateaus of the world. The vegetation is devoid of trees and shrubs and for most part of the year; the plains are covered with snow.

The plains come alive in spring when millions of flowers bloom on the green carpeted grassland. Deosai plains are the world’s second highest alpine plains.

Apart from its diverse Fauna and flora, Deosai is the natural habitat of the endangered Himalayan Brown Bear and other wild animals. It is also the home of rare birds. The Deosai National Park has been set up as a protected area for the wild life.

The park was established in 1993 for the survival of Himalayan brown bear and its habitat. The bear number has increased from only 19 in 1993 to 40 in 2005. There are over 124 types of resident and migratory birds found in the park. The park covers an area of 325 sq. mi. The park is located in Skardu.

The Shausar Lake in Deosai is a sight to behold and offers a fantastic view of the plains. The Barwi Stream is a good fishing spot. Deosai is truly the land of fairies. It is one beautiful place to visit. What adds to the attraction of Deosai for the visitors is the fact that it is a unique phenomenon in the world.

There are no other huge plains of this size existing at this height in the world. Deosai National Park is one of the most interesting places to visit. Its fauna and flora are attractive and unique. The plains are a physical wonder which is the reason tourists from within Pakistan and outside love to visit this place. Due to its elevation, it is accessible in summers only.

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