Popular Pakistani female singer Shabnam Majeed’s magical voice leaves you in a trance even when she stops singing. She inherited her love for music from her father who was a music composer.

Since childhood Shabnam heard her father’s compositions and sang to them but her father discouraged her from adopting signing as a profession. It was most probably because of the discouraging attitude of the music industry; however Ustad Nazir Hussain recognized Shabnam’s passion for singing and told her father that it would be wrong to confine her talents.

It seems Shabnam was not the only child to have caught the music bug, her brother Waheed Majeed is also in the music industry as a music composer. Shabnam is married to Wajid Ali Wajjo a famous tabla nawaz. Shabnam began her career at the tender of eight when most girls play with dolls.

She sang her first song in the Sindhi music program for kids “Roshan Tara”. Shabnam then started doing programs from Radio Pakistan Lahore; a medium she describes her radio experience as invaluable and regards radio a university as it helps the singer to be more expressive.

Shabnam shot to fame when she sang the “remix” of the song “dil cheez kiya hai” but it was her melodious voice that captured people’s hearts and imagination.

Shabnam is one of the few Pakistani singers whose voice can do justice to a various genre’s of music such as ghazals, classical and semi-classical songs and folk.

The songs she sang for films are quite popular. The song Main Piya ki thi” composed by Jawad Ahmed for the film Moosa Khan is one of the best songs sung by her.

However the song “Ishq Mohabat Apna Pun” directed by Shoaib Mansoor is by far her best rendition (personal opinion). Shabnum is also the only female singer whose song stayed at number 1 position for a whole year on the Channel V Charts.

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