Hashim Nadeem is Pakistan’s writing prodigy born on 3rd February, 1976, having earned much acclaim due to his novels and scripts. Completing his intermediate from Cadet College Petaro after receiving early education in Quetta, Hashim Nadeem opted for medicine at the Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences and eventually joined the civil service as assistant commissioner. His popularity increased due to his different and exclusive style and his ability to take any situation and mould it in a way so as to interest the audience. His work showed off his natural talent to express feelings like passion, hunger and other human emotions very easily. A man who is admired and whose work is enjoyed by the critics as well, it is no surprise that he is being perceived as the new face in fictional writing.

He has 11 drama serials and 27 telefilms to his credits, produced and in some cases directed by him. His drama serial ‘Sipahee’ which was aired on PTV has been awarded for the best drama serial at the Bolan Awards. Other drama serials written by him include ‘Hijaab’ and ‘Khuda aur Mohabbat’ which he himself has produced and directed. Although a new entry, Hashim Nadeem has shown his talent with exemplary skill and technique.

Nadeem basically started as a novel writer. ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ was his first novel and it was a bestseller, immediately projecting him to great heights as new writer. It also made a great impact internationally and was much praised. His second novel ‘Abdullah’ is the first novel by a Pakistani writer about a compulsory part of faith for Jews, the Holocaust. Beautifully written, it once again highlights Hashim’s natural talent to express human emotions without breaking a sweat. ‘Bachpan ka December’ and ‘Mukaddas’ are his other two novels. A writer tipped for greatness, Hashim Nadeem is truly an exciting prospect for the writing community.

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