Mehak Ali is a great Pakistani actress, model and singer of Pakistani media. She was born on June 27, 1993. Mehak has an indeed a glamorous and elegant personality. She started her career in performing arts and did several plays.

She remained unknown as an actor in the early period of her acting career. But in the late 2000’s till today’s time, Mehak Ali has been able to make her place in the industry very nicely. Her acting skills are much more enhanced and polished. She has become more choosy and versatile in her roles now.

Some of Mehak’s plays are Saheli, Main Abdul Qadir hoon, Khushboo ka ghar, Iman, Sapno ki Oat ma, Mujhe Roothna na dena, Akhri Barish, Teri Berukhi, Mein Mehru Hoon, Thoda Sa Aasman, Mann Marr Jaye Na, Kab Mere Kehlaoge, Tera Yaha Koi Nahin etc.

Her acting was highly appreciated in Main Abdul Qadir Hoon. Although it was a side role of Fahad Mustafa’s mother’s friend, but she played it very nicely and made it an important part in the story. Apart from dramas, Mehak Ali has great interest in music.

She is also a singer. She did a music album, Magic, which was a super hit and whose 2 million copies got sold in the first go. Her second music album was, Time to Remember. Mehak has also hosted a Live Music Show, Suron ma Rang Bharay. Her other albums include Dekh Magar Pyaar Say and Sheitaan.

Mehak also did Fashion modeling and commercials. Currently, she is busy directing a feature film. As a person, Mehak is very honest and simple. She does not like hypocrite people. Mehak was nominated for the Radio Mirchi Awards for the song Bab-e-rehmat in the Bollywood film Sheitaan in the category of Upcoming Female Vocalist of the Year.

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