Pakistanis fortunate to have many gifted actors and Abid Ali was one of them. Abid Ali was born in Quetta on 17th March 1952 in a conservative Syed family.

Born with a creative streak the famous Pakistani TV actor Abid Ali was quite interested in writing and painting in his school days and performing arts was never on his mind.

However, in 1969 when he started his college education, he was spotted by Ata Shad who advised Abid to do radio programs as he had a good voice. Encouraged by the response he got from Quetta radio, Abid Ali decided to move to Lahore the hub of performing arts in 1973.

In Lahore, he performed on radio and stage and made his debut on TV with Saleem Chisti’s play Zanjeer. Abid Ali’s major breakthrough came with the drama Jhok Sial which was aired in 1974. Jhok Sial is considered a classic among PTV dramas.

Abid Ali’s performance won him praise from all quarters and he became a household name. The drama serial Jhok Sial proved to be quite lucky for Abid Ali both professionally and personally as it established him as an actor and he also met his future spouse co-actor Humaira Choudary.

The couple had three daughters Maryam Ali, Iman Ali (model and actress) and Rahma Ali. Abid Ali and Humaira parted ways and Abid later married Rabia Noreen another television actress.

With hit serials such as Waris, Aik Hakeekat sou Afsany etc Abid to his credit, Ali started receiving offers fromLahorefilm industry and has acted in a number of Urdu and Punjabi films such as Insaniyat kay Dushman, Awaz and Khak aur Khoon.

Abid Ali has also produced and directed two TV serials Saheli and Massi aur Malika and proved to the world that he indeed was a multi-talented person. He passed away on 5th September, 2019 due to liver failure at the age of 67. He was awarded with Pride of Performance Award in 1958.

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