Some actors leave their mark on the minds of the viewers. Those who watched the greatest and popular Pakistani drama serial Waris in the late 70s or early 80s cannot forget the character of Chaudry Hashmat played by famous TV actor of Pakistan Mehboob Alam.

The character was that of a feudal lord and itself was quite strong in fact it was the central character around which the whole play revolved and Mehboob Alam’s powerful performance etched it deep into the minds of the viewers. Although he was quite young but he carried the character of a sixty year old man with ease and looked pretty intimidating on the screen.

Mehboob Alam was a versatile actor, he belonged to that creed of naturally gifted actors who had not received any training in acting and learnt through observation. He was born on 14th March, 1948. Experience honed his talents and later on he gave outstanding performances but none of them could be compared to Chaudry Hashmat.

He played all the characters young and old with ease; his other memorable Pakistani TV plays are Fishaar, Piyas and Samandar. He also acted in Andhera Ujala from 1984 till 1985. Mehboob Alam tried his luck in films as well but could not adjust due to the vast difference in the work style and environment.

Mehboob Alam was forty six years old when he passed away on 18th March 1994 in Karachi. Pakistan lost a great talent. He acted in a total of 38 movies, 12 Urdu, 15 Punjabi and 11 Sindhi language movies. His movies include Rut Ja Rishta, Dharti La Kunwar, Khan Balouchand Darya Khan etc. He was awarded with the 1st Indus Drama Awards in the category of a Special Award after his death in 2005.

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